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March 2022 - Sessions & Boatshed Cafe opens for business

Welcome to Season 2 - You’ll see our Kayak & SUP departure times are different most days. That’s because we paddle with the tides which are roughly an hour later each day. There is little to choose between our two, 2 - 3-hour Kayak tours which involve similar amounts of paddling and interest – and many book again to see the parts of the Estuary they missed the first time around. Please note that we recommend children under 13 share a double kayak with a parent or older child as the combination of a tidal river paddle plus a 3-hour trip can be tiring.

Our 90 min SUP sessions are designed for both new to SUP and the more experienced paddler wishing to explore the stunning waterways with either a Taster & Tour (for beginners) and a Tour & Explore (experienced paddlers). But if you have never tried Stand Up Paddle boarding before then you may wish to book on for our 90 min New 2 SUP Session which will give you a full land based briefing and equipment overview before launching onto the river to utilise your new found knowledge.

Prices for Kayak tours are per person using our stable double kayaks (or larger doubles plus child seat). Single kayaks are slightly less stable and more suited to experienced paddlers and those over 16 with some kayaking experience. If you are an odd number – or want a single Kayak please request this at the time of booking (a £5 per kayak supplement is payable). Children are aged 15 and under. 

We LOVE dogs on Kayak, but please bear in mind that a large dog will need its own seat and (as they are unable to paddle) will need to share a double. Smaller dogs can fit on laps, but you must be able to paddle independently.


Prices for SUP Sessions / Tours are per person (one person per board), and include board, paddle, leash and buoyancy aid. We do not allow pets or children to share a board with an adult. Minimum age is 10 years and over. We recommend wetsuits are worn for all SUP sessions and that bookers supply their own where possible. We have a supply of adult GUL wetsuits from XS to XXL which can be hired at a cost of £5 per person. Shorty wetsuits are available for children at a cost of £3 per child (all wetsuit sizes are generic and will be supplied on the day subject to availability) 

From NOVEMBER to MARCH, all scheduled hires will be off line, if you wish to book a private hire please call the mobile on 07792-062471



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