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Guided Trips

Creeks & Backwaters

Kayaking from Golant on the high tide, we will normally take you up the Fowey River and into "Wind in the Willows" Creek to picturesque Lerryn village. On some trips we may vary the route and paddle up to St Winnows to visit its salt marshes or to Penpol Creek to view its shipwrecks and ancient woodland.

These are good trips for spotting wildlife in some of the hidden creeks en route, with herons, egrets, kingfishers, cormorants, various waders and shoals of grey mullet seen on most trip. We normally stop for a 30-minute break in Lerryn or St Winnow for refreshments and to give our arms a rest before heading back to Golant on a circular loop through the estuary…

£35 adult     £25 Child*

Wildlife & Waterfronts

Our 2–3-hour low tide paddle is a trip of two halves. With the foreshores exposed, the Golant to Fowey Docks section is one of the best places to observe estuary wildlife. Herons, egrets, cormorants and shags are usually seen as are kingfishers, sandpipers and oystercatchers most months of the year. It’s also the place to see our resident harbour seal who often makes an appearance – or if you’re really lucky a migrating osprey hunting for fish.

Fowey has been a port for over 1000 years and its waterfronts are layered in history: the 14th century blockhouses that protected the harbour; Daphne du Maurier’s Ferry side home; and the towers of Place – the county seat of the Treffry family for over 400 years. It’s also home to many marine industries from traditional wooden boat builders to Tom’s Boatyard where modern fishing boats are made and repaired. There's also plenty to tempt your tastebuds when we beach in Fowey or Polruan for our 30-minute break.

£35 adult     £25 Child*

SUP Tour - Intermediate to Advanced - Adult

This is the perfect 90-minute session for those of you that are no stranger to SUP, but would love the opportunity to paddle on the Fowey estuary (a tidal river) with a fully qualified and insured instructor.  

Our instructors have first-hand knowledge of the river, its history and abundant wildlife, to be seen through the ever-changing seasons and landscape of the river banks.

Your session includes board hire and buoyancy aid, or bring your own. Buoyancy aids are required regardless of experience levels.

We recommend a wet suit as you will be getting wet! if you have your own bring it along. We have a stock of generic GUL wetsuits that can be hired at £5 per adult and £3 per child and these can be reserved at point of booking. (Please note sizing is unisex and we only have a limited stock of shorties for children, smallest wet shoe is a 4) Bring your own where possible!

This is a mixed group session with an instructor to paddler ration of 6:1

Adult sessions, minimum age 16 plus

*Please note that you MUST be able to confidential stand on a paddle board for 2hrs or more. If you are unable to do this, please contact this office for the best SUP session for you. Instructors reserve the right to not allow beginners on this session for safety reasons.

NO DOGS - On SUP Boards

PRIVATE SESSIONS ONLY BETWEEN NOVEMBER & MARCH - Please call 07792-062471 for bookings

£35 adult     £0 Child*

Bespoke Tours / Private Groups

Subject to availability, we can offer Bespoke itineraries to friends or groups wanting their own private experience. Most will choose a three or two hour trip similar to those above, but longer trips are possible to allow time for more exploration or a lazy lunch. Prices per person are the same as above but there is a £120 minimum charge for a 3 hour trip.

Whether you’re a group of friends, Corporate, Stag, Hen or Kids Parties, email us with your ideas, dates and plans and we will get back to you with suggestions for a great day out on the river.

Private Group 2hr Trip

Private Two Hour Water Based Session.


£38 adult     £38 Child*

New to SUP - Beginner

Always wanted to try your hand at Stand Up Paddleboarding? Then this is the session for you!

Our 1.5hr, beginner lesson created for those who have never tried paddleboarding before, including a land-based induction and safety briefing followed by a water-based skill session, all under the watchful eye of your fully qualified and insured instructor.

Launching from the Boatshed in Golant onto the stunning river Fowey, this session includes paddle board hire, buoyancy aids.

We recommend a wetsuit as you will be getting wet! if you have your own bring it along. We have a stock of generic GUL/Sola wetsuits that can be hired at £5 per adult and £3 per child and these can be reserved at point of booking. Wet shoes are a must! (Please note wetsuit sizing is generic, we only have shorties for the youngsters and smallest size is a 4 in wet shoes) 

Minimum SUP age 10 years. 

This is an inclusive mixed ability group session for all age and fitness levels.

Instructor ratio 6:1.

NO DOGS - on SUP Boards

Parking - Please note that there has been a price increase to the pay and display bays on the Slipway you will now need £3 change for up to 4 hours (coins only)

£40 adult     £40 Child*

Into the Drink - ADULT SUP Party 1.5 HRS

Get together with friends and family and celebrate your special occassion on the water, learn a new skill and enjoy the ever changing scenery and wildlife on the Stunning Fowey estuary.

You and your party will venture out on the water after a land based induction to try your hand at Stand Up paddleboarding!, and thats where the fun begins...

Kneeling, standing and paddle techniques will form part of you 90 minute session followed by some fun and games, and getting wet is guaranteed.

Session includes board hire, buoyancy aids and wetsuits if required. 

Min group size 5+, Minimum age 16 years. Price is per person.

Join us in The Boatshed cafe afterwards for refreshments !


£30 adult     £30 Child*

1-2-1 Tuition - Beginner to Advanced

Want to learn the art of Stand-Up paddle Boarding with your own dedicated instructor? Then a 121 could be just what you are looking for.

Spend 90 minutes out on the stunning Fowey estuary under the watchful eye of your fully qualified and insured instructor who will take you through water safety and a land-based induction before taking you out onto the river to learn kneeling, standing and paddle techniques. If you are a seasoned SUPer, and would like to learn more about advanced paddling technique, board tec and equipment, your instructor will tailor a session for you.

A 121 ensures you will be given the attention you require to master the art of stand-up paddle boarding.

Your session includes board hire, buoyancy aid. We recommend a wetsuit as you will be getting wet! If you have your own bring it along. We have a stock of generic GUL/Sola wetsuits that can be hired at £5 per adult and £3 per child and these can be reserved at point of booking. (Please note sizing is generic)

Minimum age 10 years, mixed ability levels

NO DOGS - On SUP Boards


£95 adult     £95 Child*

Junior SUP Party - 1.5hrs

The ideal opportunity to get the kids out on the water for 90 minutes of skill based training and FUN!!!

Each session includes a water safety briefing as well as a skill based session followed by some classic "Board" games including, walking the boards and SUP dodgems

Garanteed fun for all, with lots of laughter and everyone (including your instructor) is getting wet.

Minimum age 10 years, minimum group size 5. Must be able to swim at least 50 meters unaided. Boards and buoyancy aids required, shorties wetsuits available if required.

If you wish to add refreshments to your booking we are happy to help out at The Boatshed cafe where we can arrange refreshments after your session.

Paddle Cornwall SUP holds a current AALA license which means parental supervision on the water is not required. All of our instructors hold an enhanced DBS and safeguarding certificate.


£20 adult     £20 Child*

Tour Ready

Tour Ready

Learn how to safely SUP & Kayak Tour on the Fowey Estuary and other inland waterways

Introducing our BRAND-NEW half day, “Tour Ready” course. This course aims to introduce guests to the enjoyment of touring and exploring as well as plotting, planning, and executing a touring experience to include weather, wind and tides and best app's to use.

Having completed this course students should feel that they are ready to plan their own adventures, and have gained new skills to improve their time on the water.

This course is ‘skill and knowledge focused’ and aims to give students a safe way of getting more time on the water. It is focused on the River Fowey but will also touch on coastal and inland waterways. 

Come and get paddle ready this season with Encounter Cornwall! If you are interested in being part of this exciting new session you can either book on line or ping Jules a message on [email protected] and get booked today! This course is based on the BSUPA Ready to Tour and the British Canoeing "Start/Discover" award.

£80 adult     £0 Child*


Supervised MEGA SUP Session: Head out onto the stunning River Fowey Estuary for what has to be the most fun you can have in a wetsuit!!

You will need team work and co-ordination and we can guarantee NO ONE is staying dry!

Your instructor will be there to guide and advise you to ensure you get the most out of your 2 hour session.

Group Sizes - Minimum 4 and Maximum 8, your lead paddler must be 18 years of age or over, and agree to wearing the leash.

Please call the office to book your date and launch time, and if you prefer "Hire" only, this can be arranged 👍 Special family rates avaliable, children minimum age 5 years, must be at least two adults in the group.


£40 adult     £40 Child*

British Canoeing - Paddle Start Award

Your first time on the water ‘having a go’! A fun and enjoyable 1 hour practical session, introducing you to paddlesport.

Learning useful skills for an enjoyable and safe paddling experience, providing you with the knowledge to enable you to get safely in and out of your boat and board, making it move and return to your start point, ensuring you feel safe and confident on the water. Please note that all attendees will be required to multi skill on both SUP and Kayak in order to gain an all round experience and qualify for their British Canoeing START award.

Min 8 years +

Price includes vessels and buoyancy aids. Wetsuit hire is an additional £5

£25 adult     £25 Child*

Members Tour

Open EXCLUSIVELY to members, our Paddle Club Membership tours are a great way to catch up with fellow club enthusiasts, whilst exploring the beautiful Fowey Estuary and beyond! Tour duration is roughly 2hrs and you can choose between SUP or Kayak depending on your preference. Please enter your exclusive code when booking and indicate equipment requirements if you are not bringing your own.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Paddle Club, please check out the details on our website and message the office on [email protected].

Any questions, please ask before placing a booking.

£160 adult     £0 Child*

Nature By Night

Let your senses experience a completely different and unique kayak tour! 

Come and join our dusk to dark 2hr kayak trip with our professional, fully qualified and licensed team of British Canoeing instructors for an experience you will never forget. 

Head out on the Fowey Estuary, at twilight, to see the wildlife, gaze at the stars and possibly see the beautiful bioluminescence (all subject to the conditions). 

A really amazing, unique experience is available here, on the Fowey Estuary.

Age 16 + in double kayaks. Singles are subject to consultations.

£50 adult     £0 Child*

SUP Self-Rescue and Safety

We are introducing our BRAND-NEW SUP Self-Rescue and Safety session for 2023. These practice sessions are for intermediate paddlers who are happy to get wet! We will help you learn some fundamental safety skills whilst helping to build confidence. We will cover:

  • Self-rescue
  • Towing 
  • Wind and tide skills
  • Rescue of a friend
  • Leash discussion
  • The SUP flip!

We recommend a wetsuit as you will be getting wet! If you have your own bring it along. We have a stock of generic GUL/Sola wetsuits that can be hired at £5 per person and these can reserved at point of booking. (Please note sizing is generic for wetsuits, we only have a limited range of childrens shorties and smallest wetshoe is a 4)

This is a mixed ability group session with a minimum age of 10 years 

Instructor ration 6:1 

NO DOGS - on SUP Boards


£35 adult     £35 Child*

5 in 5 Members SUP Clinic - Session 1 - Goal Setting


Intro and Goal Setting – On Land and On Water 

This session will consist of:

  • Meet and intro
  • Paddle
  • Wants and worries
  • Goal setting
  • Plan

In this session I will take the opportunity to assess the client in a relaxed, easy way, whilst discussing their intended goals. This will cover the four main basis of Tactical, Technical, Physical and Physiological.  

Duration 2hrs


£35 adult     £0 Child*

5 in 5 Members SUP Clinic - Session 2 - Board Skills


Board Skills – On Water

  • Basic turns
  • Cross bow stroke
  • Step back turn
  • Nose 360
  • SUP Walk

This session is aimed to increase confidence along with getting to know every aspect of your board. This session will also cover self-rescue. Wetsuits are a must! 

Duration 1.5 - 2hrs

£35 adult     £0 Child*

5 in 5 Members SUP Clinic - Session 3 - Paddle Stroke Technique


Paddle Stroke Technique – On Water

  • Set-up
  • Catch
  • Power
  • Exit 
  • Recovery

The aim of this session is to discuss and practice each of the 5 areas above, as well as discussing correct techniques for tracking, acceleration, wind control and chop. We’ll discuss blade size, shaft thickness/flex and paddle construction. After the session I will give advice on technique land-drills.

Duration 2hrs

£40 adult     £0 Child*

5 in 5 Members SUP Clinic - Session 4 - Conditioning Factors


Conditioning Factors – On Land

  • Weather
  • Tides
  • Geography
  • Swell
  • Best equipment for each, including boards and fin differences. 

This session will cover the basics of all the above. We will discuss tactics and technique to help in all these aspects, including down winding. As a group we will walk to the top of Golant downs to get a view of the estuary.

Duration – 2hrs

£20 adult     £0 Child*

5 in 5 Members SUP Clinic - Session 5 - Safety


Safety – On Water

  • EAP
  • Safety equipment
  • Towing
  • Proning
  • SUP flip

The aim of this session is to cover all things ‘safety’. This includes comms, equipment, on-water practices and what to do in an emergency.

Duration - 2hrs

£40 adult     £0 Child*

* Child prices are for under 16s

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