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The Boys (and Girls) are back in Town!

Posted on Tue 28 Jun 2016 in General

Hurray! It's great to welcome more of our returning wildlife every day. First back was the Redshanks, taking up their usual positions on the railway embankment, and today we saw a large flock of Curlews near St Winnow. Haven't seen the Greenshanks yet, but they may be sheltering up Penpol. The Kingfishers are a little shy - we've seen one or two but not many. This is the best kayak for fishing. We also spotted a fairly large flock of Blackheaded Gulls (the heads are more brown really) - we didn't get a picture as it was pouring with rain, but this is one from last year to give you the idea... We were hoping that we might spot the exotic Dalmatian Pelican that was seen on the river recently, but it was probably sensibly tucked up someone warm and dry!