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National Marine Week

Posted on Tue 1 Aug 2017 in General

It's National Marine Week this week, and a timely reminder of just how lucky we are not only to live here, but to work here too! Our business relies on the beauty of the Cornish landscape, and of the Fowey Estuary. Many paddlers are amazed at how unspoilt it is, how devoid of housing and roads for many parts, and the variety of wildlife. Without these things our business would be nothing much - but we want to draw attention to all the organisations - paid & volunteer who monitor and look after it. We have Marine Conservation Zones in the estuary, including a colony of Eel grass in the Harbour, that provides important habitats for marine life, our Common Seal that has made her home here, visiting Osprey at certain times of the year, Dolphins visit the harbour, and we have much bird life that rely on the quality of the water to provide food - and that's before we've even mentioned fishes, starfish, jellyfish, mussels, oysters, etc! So many thanks to all the groups of replica watches involved - Cornwall Wildlife Trust, West Country Rivers Trust, Friends of the Fowey Estuary, Cornwall Seal Group, Falmouth University (& Exeter, Plymouth) to mention a tiny few - thank you for all your care and work!