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Cornwall Tourism Awards

Posted on Mon 9 Oct 2017 in General

Excuse us for shouting, but we are VERY EXCITED to have made it to the finals of this year's Cornwall Tourism Awards, this time for the best Guided Tour. It must be said that the entry form is very detailed and demanding, and takes us both several weeks to fill it in, and refine it - but what is does achieve is to focus our minds on what we think we do well and what else we need to do and could do better - looking at the business from the customer's point of view.
It goes without saying - but we will say it anyway - that the designer replica handbags business only works because we are so lucky to have the most amazing, talented and dedicated staff - and, obviously, our customers, who return year after year, bringing friends & family, very young children, somewhat mature children (!), dogs, and a whole host of interesting tales, experiences and requirements.
So regardless of how we do, a huge Thank You to you all - you make our job very special!