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Winter tuition and wildlife tours

Posted on Sun 17 Dec 2017 in General

During the quieter winter months we are offering the chance to brush up your paddling skills, learn the basics, or have an opportunity to seek out wildlife with expert and individual tuition. Available from October to March, this can often be a great time to see wildlife as the river is quieter, the leaves are off the trees, so spotting Kingfishers etc can be easier, and many birds overwinter here before temporarily leaving to nest in the Spring. The format will be as our standard 3 hour trip, but tailored to your personal requirements. Prices are £40 for one person, £30 each for two or more, £15 for children under 16. You can book as a normal 3 hour trip, and let us know in the notes section of the booking form that you would like the winter tuition or wildlife tour. We can't guarantee you will be lucky and see all the wildlife you want, but we can at least do our best to guide you to the best sites!