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What a load of Rubbish

Posted on Thu 14 Mar 2019 in General

Plan B

It's always tricky trying to organise our clean ups - the logistics of contacting everyone, ordering enough pasties, getting the rubbish picked up - and we have been so hampered by the weather this year. if we leave it too late to run a spring one it starts to interfere with our scheduled trips, which means we miss cleaning the river at the beginning of the year.

So........ we have come up with Plan B - an idea that we have seen on land in several places, and have adapted it for the water!

At the moment, this will only be available to our hirers, and any other private kayakers who are passing the Boatshed.

We will put a container on the outside which will hold a clean up kit - a biodegradable rubbish bag (only a small one, not a bin liner!), a pair of gloves and a two part voucher. Take it with you, fill it up, then when you get back to base, put the numbered sticker on your bag, and keep the other part. When our Cafe is open, you can come in and spend the voucher to the value of £2.50. If you are a hirer, and the booking name fills in the voucher and hands it in, we will refund your hire to the tune of £2.50 instead.
Please, try and make a good stab at it - we are happy to encourage you, but will need the bag reasonably filled - not just one crisp packet or a bottle of water! 

PS...We are delighted to announce that the lovely Nick at our local Fisherman's Arms has kindly offered to accept vouchers in return for a coffee when the Cafe is closed - that's community for you!