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Weather Report

Posted on Sun 21 Aug 2016 in General

The British have a reputation for being obsessed with weather, and this week has shown why! We started off with fabulous, sunny, sparkling trips, followed by rain, mist, very strong winds, rainbows, more rain, sun, more wind and hopefully this week, more sun!
However, our paddlers are an intrepid lot, and no one cancelled, and we think everyone had a good time!

We saw Serena on Thurs Sundowner - completely unexpectedly - she popped up amongst us, swam with us for a while and then went off in search of supper...

Friday was pretty windy so we had one guide to four paddlers, but we were rewarded with a ringside seat of the Karina C coming into the docks. In the evening we went upstream out of the wind and had a misty, but very high tide trip towards St Winnow and were greeted by a rainbow on the return journey! Yesterday, we decided to cancel the Harbour trip due to increasing wind, but ran our upstream Sundowner - with a bunch of incredibly hardy folks who had a good time, despite the pouring rain.
Some of the shots taken by Karen are not quite as clear as usual, but they were taken in her kayak for fishing, bouncing around on windy waves and washes from passing boats!

Luckily, the weather and wind is improving this week, just in time for more Creeks & Backwater paddles. So come and join us - don't let the weather forecast put you off - although we can't guarantee that you'll stay dry (depends on your paddling technique as well as rain), we can usually stay out of most of the wind, and there will be lots of beautiful landscape, history and wildlife to enjoy!