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Summertime.......and the paddling is easy!

Posted on Wed 27 Jul 2016 in General

Summertime, and the paddling is easy.......

Despite the occasional mizzle & drizzle all of our 'Creeks & Backwaters' trips have been full this week, and everyone has been really cheerful, and hopefully, had a good time - several on their second trip of the holidays!
The wildlife also seems to be making the most of the weather - we've seen about 30 Curlews flying overhead this morning, more Redshanks than ever, a Heron seems to have moved onto the railway embankment, the black headed gulls are losing their blackheads, not to mention sandpipers, egrets, oystercatchers, grey wagtails, buzzards, cormorants and finally - a kingfisher! I had to creep up on it near to Ethy, but it obligingly turned it's back so that I could see the amazing electric blue!
We have a few spaces left for our Sundowners this week, but the weekend trips are booking up fast - so if you're around & have time come and join us - we'd love to show off our fabulous surroundings!

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