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Seal Sighting

Posted on Mon 1 Aug 2016 in General

Seal Sighting - what an evening!

Went on one of our Sundowners tonight, downstream to Fowey and back. We always drift and look for a sighting of Serena our local seal at the usual place - and thought we would be unlucky again, as we have all of this week. When, suddenly a little head popped up, disappeared and reappeared near the sandbank. She completely enjoyed showing off - including rolling over, and then following one of the kayaks, and then disappeared......
Taking photographs, we thought that it wasn't her - it seemed too brown, but comparing these pics with ones from April, it has a very distinctive mark - see the last two photos - I've tried to circle the mark - the first one is from April, the second from today.
No matter how many times we see her, it is such a special privilege to get so close to a beautiful, wild creature, and to marvel that she is still here in the estuary.
Just a reminder - these photographs were taken from quite a distance - we try not to disturb, or worry her, She, however, decided to follow the kayaks, so we feel ok about her ability to be independent!