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New SUP Safety Session!

Posted on Thu 5 Jan 2023 in General

We are introducing our BRAND-NEW SUP Self-Rescue and Safety session for 2023. These practice sessions are for intermediate paddlers who are happy to get wet! We will help you learn some fundamental safety skills whilst helping to build confidence. We will cover:

  • Self-rescue
  • Towing 
  • Wind and tide skills
  • Rescue of a friend
  • Leash discussion
  • The SUP flip!

We recommend a wetsuit as you will be getting wet! If you have your own bring it along. We have a stock of generic GUL/Sola wetsuits that can be hired at £5 per person and these can reserved at point of booking. (Please note sizing is generic for wetsuits, we only have a limited range of childrens shorties and smallest wetshoe is a 4)

This is a mixed ability group session with a minimum age of 10 years 

Instructor ration 6:1 

NO DOGS - on SUP Boards