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Introducing the Sanctuary part one

Posted on Sun 17 Jun 2018 in General

new developments

Many of our visitors, and locals too, have been hearing about our plans for the future, but we thought we would share them with you too now...

For the last three years, when not on the water, we have been restoring and planting 12 acres of mixed wood and pasture that we bought from a friend and neighbour. Along with that land came a barn, and we received planning permission to take it down and build a new building, sustainably built and managed - off grid, so that we can extend the range of what we offer to visitors. It will have a small amount of accommodation, 10 to 12 people, on a bed and breakfast basis, or possibly we would rent the entire building out occasionally. It will also have a meeting/classroom with kitchen and toilet/showeroom, that will be separate from the accommodation, so we can offer courses, and meeting space. The meeting room, one bedroom, and all of the rest of the building will be accessible to wheelchairs or those with mobility requirements.

So many people have told us how much they have enjoyed the style of our trips - wildlife spotting, history, chatting about the river, environment and the wider landscape, that gave us the inspiration to offer more - also, sometimes visitors just want a night stop over, not whole weeks. We do have the Cormorant Hotel in the village, and our neighbour offers her lovely cottage bedroom for B & B, but hopefully, this will fit in between, and extend the conversation about landscape, the environment, and living with finite energy resources. 

We hope it will be a place to stop, relax and switch off from all the modern day stresses and worries, and you will be able to roam the 12 acres and immerse yourself in nature. We are developing a forest garden, dedicated to all things foraged, a quiet, meditative space, and in the future, orchards and ponds - when we have a minute!

We plan to open at Easter next year, but meanwhile you will able to follow our sister page - The Sanctuary Cornwall (and Instagram too), and see a little of the story so far.......