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Front Row Seats

Posted on Wed 26 Jul 2017 in General

The weather has been a bit unpredictable this week, but our trips have been full of keen paddlers happy to come and explore with us! We have had some great wildlife sightings, including ringside seats watching Herons & Egrets fishing. We've introduced people to our 'Cormorant Tree', where all generations hang out together. We've seen the local Shelduck tribe mature from tiny chicks to teenagers - now they are looking more like adults - in just a month! The Kingfishers are more obvious now, and the fishes are leaping out of the water right in front of us! We've also spotted our lone Curlew hanging out with the Redshanks for the second year in a row - it seems to be happier with them than the other Curlews, and the Black Headed gulls are losing their black (really it's chocolate brown) heads and going grey & speckled before back to white again. They have the best replica watches for paddling. Our younger paddlers (and some adults) are making use of Karen's designed 'Bird Spotting' sheets - they are laminated so you can take them in the kayak with you.
We are trying to keep our numbers modest so that we can chat to you & show you the sights, but this does mean we book up pretty quickly, so come on over to Golant and bag a front seat for the Fowey Estuary show!