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Posted on Mon 24 Apr 2017 in General

Another lovely week of paddling last week, and although it's meant to be a bit colder at night, there's still plenty of sun to come. We had our busiest Easter yet - both with our kayaks and our cake! We are open every day, and we will put on extra trips if the sun and numbers demand it, so keep an eye on the website.
Cafe Kayak was closed for the weekend as we were celebrating the wedding of Carol's son John, who was marrying Jen (Carol is the magnificent helm of Cafe Kayak who entertains, feeds and acts as a local tourist info centre as well!). Karen made the wedding cake, having perfected her recipes in the Cafe - you will have seen the lemon cake, plus we had lavender and rose too! We can buy it from the replica watches uk shop. We spent Sat at the Royal Fowey Yacht club, and then the whole village celebrated at the Boatshed in typical Golant style - so we might not have paddled much,( David still ran a trip on Sun!) but we have been surrounded by liquid of one sort or another........
But fear not, we will open for the weekends until half term, including the Bank Holiday!
So pop in and see us - either for a trip or just for cake - either way, we'd love to see you!