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A load of Rubbish

Posted on Thu 19 Oct 2017 in General

Cleaning up our act...

Wow, what a load of rubbish our fantastic volunteers collected today. In between eating pasties & cakes we had a total of 44 who helped on the river, and even more collecting from the Pill banks at Golant. It was a great mixture of villagers, locals, and the Geography Society from Plymouth Uni - the latter arriving in two minibuses, and a few slightly the worse for wear (well it was Sunday...) but they did a brilliant job, traveling up to St Winnows and beyond. Many thanks to our team leaders - Louise, Charlotte, Rob & Ray and Peter - every team had a local who knew the river well, and could make sure everyone was safe. Thanks to our 'Boatmen' - Peter, Ian, Jeremy, Marcus & Sheila and also special mention to Robin, who has also liaised with Clean Cornwall to come & remove everything.
This time we also tried to separate as many recyclable things as possible - thanks to Louise who spent time sorting it all out, and to Steve, for organising the shore pick.
Also thanks to Michelle & Sheila for their waitressing services helping Karen, and to Penny for donating a delicious cake to the proceedings...
When we first started this 6 years ago, it was more or less us, the dog and two or three friends. It is truly wonderful to see so many people engaged in looking after Golant, the river and Cornwall.
Thank you - your help & support is amazing!