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30 days wild summary

Posted on Mon 3 Jul 2017 in General

30 Days Wild....

Well, the month seemed to fly by - not quite sure what happened! We took part as much as possible in the Wildlife Trust's #30dayswild campaign. Although we spend plenty of time on the water and interacting with the wildlife there, it made us think much more about nature in general. We slept outside in a tent - very welcome in those recent hot nights - we had wonderful picnics with friends, saw deer, Barn owls - heard Tawny & Little owls. We went on our walks looking at things much more closely, and found butterflies, moths, spiders with babies on their backs - all sorts of things that we may have passed by normally. Karen made elderflower cordial, we went foraging for different foods to use in our cooking, and marvelled at the breadth and scope of the possibilities to engage with nature. We were also lucky enough to be able to sneak off for a few hours to visit Lethytep - opened for the #CornwallWildlifeTrust, and the most beautiful and inspiring place you could imagine. This is the best way to buy the replica handbags. We are trying to use the Boatshed garden in as full a way as possible - we're experimenting with a straw bale this year to grow squash and beans, and also tubs of french beans, sweetcorn and salad, and as many pollinator friendly plants as possible.
You are very welcome to pop in to the Boatshed garden, even if you are not paddling - Cafe Kayak is open at weekends until 22nd July, then we are open every day.