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What a load of rubbish

Posted on Sun 26 Mar 2017 in General

We have been organising our river clean ups for quite a few years now, but after adverts, phone calls etc there is always a moment where you wonder if anyone is going to turn up?  Have we ordered enough pasties? Will the weather be good enough for us to get out?

Thankfully, we didn’t have to worry – we had a fantastic turn out of nearly forty people and managed to cover a large part of the estuary, from towards Milltown, Lerryn river, Penpol, and downstream as far as the docks. We had three ‘support boats’, supplied by Peter Edwards, Robin & Liz Anderson, and David in Encounter’s rib. They went up and down the river collecting the large & heavy items, filling them up as we went. Students from Falmouth Eco Soc, and Newquay College were our very first volunteers to sign up, and did a brilliant job collecting from the top end of the estuary, along with a family from Lerryn who saw the poster and came along to help. We also had a great turn out from the village – with a very special thanks to Golant’s wonderful Boatwatch. Not only did several members turn out to help and support, but we also had donations of the most fabulous food from Friday’s Boatwatch dinner, made we believe, by Nick in the Fisherman’s Arms. All this on top of the pasties, supplied by Niles Bakery, who kindly donated towards the event.

We found, doors, hatches, cannisters, a chair, a pair of oars, even an ‘S’ bend from a toilet…..along with plastic bottles, one particular brand of cider that always crops up in the river, and bags of twine, rope and fishing line. It is the smaller pieces of plastic, balloons, twine and line that we are most concerned about as they pose the most immediate danger for the wildlife, so at least the river is several bags lighter for now!

So a HUGE thanks to everyone for their help, support and effort – it really does make a difference!