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Swanning about..

Posted on Sat 24 Jun 2017 in General

Swanning about....
The swan population over the last few years has increased to healthy numbers, despite a couple of swans being injured or killed due to fishing hooks and other river debris. We now have a group of 12 youngsters who are seen regularly up and down the estuary - sometimes all together, sometimes in pairs. Despite their alarming press of breaking arms with their wings, they are curious and very calm around us. Two are regular visitors to Golant where they have their favourite 'watering hole' - the same rowing boat each time full of rainwater. They also sleep on the mud at low tide, so by the time the tide comes back in, they are ready for a wash and brush up! Swans are one of the least exotic species that we see, but watching them every day, you begin to notice more about them, and we're pretty sure they are beginning to know us and our groups too! That's the great thing about kayaking - it allows us to get so much nearer to the wildlife, and have a chance to interact. For many of our youngest paddlers it's the first time they've been able to see all sorts of wildlife, and to see their reaction is just magic!