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So Long Serena,maybe....

Posted on Wed 17 May 2017 in General

So Long Serena?
As many people will know for the last three years we have regularly seen a common (harbour) seal in the estuary. We were very delighted to learn that the Cornwall Seal Research Trust adopted our name for her & officially named her FRC1 ‘Serena Lowen’ so that she can be monitored. Seals have very distinct and unique markings on their fur, and we have got to know her marks over the years, and are able to check that it is always the same seal we are seeing! Last weekend we were contacted by them to check some photographs of a seal found near Looe Island. It was indeed our Serena, so what is happening? The Seal Society don’t know - as they have only got records of 3 harbour seals, their main work is with grey seals, so we will continue to research and look out for her. Whatever happens, we have had a very privileged three years of getting close (she recognises Karen and the camera and will swim towards her…), and more importantly, sharing the opportunity for our paddlers to also have a very special, natural experience to see her (when she is bored, she simply swims away). That’s the wonderful thing about being on the water, you never know what you will discover next! Many Thanks to Sue Sayer and the Cornwall Seal Research Trust for their invaluable help and advice over the last three years - watch this space - or water!