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A long shot...

Posted on Sun 25 Sep 2016 in General

So many visitors have mentioned how much they love Karen's photographs, and are quite surprised when they find out they have nearly always been taken from a kayak! She would love a really long telephoto lens sometimes, but has found that a 300mm is the longest she can carry around her neck, and still paddle (not to mention the weight!). Definitely not an expert by any means, but a very enthusiastic amateur. It can also take a keen eye to spot the opportunities too sometimes - people are amazed that we can spot Kingfishers from quite a distance - it's a question of practice and also getting to know the river intimately enough to know where and when you are likely to have the opportunity.
So, here's a 'long shot' of a Kingfisher on a branch......followed by some zoomed in shots - they move very fast, so it's quite tricky to even get the camera steady, so you get an idea. Now and again, they will stay quite still so Karen get nearer - as long as she can float silently in the right direction!

We'll post some more of Karen's favourite shots this year later on..http://www.facebook.com/encountercornwall