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30 days Wild

Posted on Tue 13 Jun 2017 in General

Some of you may be aware of the Wildlife Trust's '30 days Wild' campaign, which is encouraging everyone to get outdoors and experience nature in as many different ways as possible. Whilst the majority of our work is out on the water, we have been trying to experience different activities ourselves too.

Karen has picked Elderflower and made cordial (we may have some to share in the Cafe), David has 'bee'n busy looking after our hives, and exploring the huge variety of other bees that are about (honey bees are a tiny part of the bee community). We already spend most of our time out of doors, and know the benefit of that, but we have learned from other posts about the skill of really looking hard at what seems the simplest thing.

Karen took a photo of a bee on a foxglove flower - when you look harder, you can see tiny mites on the back of the bee..... She also snapped a tiny spider in the grass, that was carrying her entire brood on her back, and we spotted a tiny moth sitting right down at the base of some grasses - something we probably wouldn't have noticed usually.

Karen is also busy in the Boatshed garden planting bee & butterfly attracting plants, but also trying out planting ideas for vegetables to prove that you don't need much space to make a difference.

If you haven't already, have a look at the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and their campaign - it might change the way you look at nature. You can also come out with us on the water and explore too!